Best weekend treks near Bangalore


Channagiri trek 

Channagiri Hills is in channapura town which is situated close to nandi slopes, Around 60kms from Bengaluru.Its around 1300 to 1400 mts above ocean level. The nandi slopes range has many climbing open doors around. The greater part of the time its green is covered 100% of the time with fog. 

The trip to Channagiri takes you to the astonishing Nandi Hills close to Bangalore, which turns out to be one of the most loved end of the week and traveling spots for the whole of Karnataka. What’s more on this scope of slopes lies the unique yet exceptionally bold trip to the highest point of Channagiri. 

The Channagiri journey trail is nearly covered with bushes, has numerous rocks around and water bodies streaming as far as possible from the highest point of the slope. 


Savandurga hills

This place is located 60 kms away from Banglore off the Magadi road. The Savandurga range comprises two hills, Karigudda and Billigudda, and is considered one of India’s greatest monolith hills. Two temples can be seen at the foot of the hills. The ascent leads to a magnificent fort reported to have been erected by Kempe Gowda II, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view over Bangalore’s outskirts.

You won’t get lost here because it’s always crowded with trekkers from all around Bangalore and India. Climbing to the summit of the monolith is simple not only for the experienced travelers but also for all the newbies. 



This place is located 54 km away from Bangalore in Ramanagara. Narayanagiri is a popular site for nighttime trekking near Bangalore, and it attracts tourists because kayaks can be rented nearby. The trip to the peak isn’t tough; but, because of the deep fissures, you’ll have to tread carefully in several areas of the mountain. You’ll have a fantastic view of the entire town of Ramanagaram from the summit of the mountain. This is an easy to moderate trek which can be traveled by the experienced travelers as well as the beginners. 


Kotagiri trek 

The hill station is located in the Nilgiris area of Tamil Nadu, at an elevation of 5,882 feet. The trail begins in the midst of enormous tea gardens, continues along the river through the valley, and ends at the Mettupalayam-Kotagiri intersection. Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an exciting 7-kilometer trekking expedition and see the grandeur of Kotagiri Hill Station with the entrancing Catherine Falls Trek. You’ll have the opportunity to live as close to nature as possible. Get your camera out and start snapping! At a height of 1900 meters, you may have a true trekking experience in Kotagiri. This hill, which offers a variety of adventurous trails that have yet to be discovered, provides a wide range of options for hikers. 



The Makalidurga Trek is intended to extinguish your week by week hunger for experience. It is perhaps the best spot to visit close to Bangalore, just 60 km away from the city. It is near the street and rail. The rail route choice is ideal while doing the Makalidurga night journey. 

The Makalidurga slope stands tall at 4,430ft and has a notable mound that assists you with spotting it from a good way. The path isn’t distinct. You can decide to follow a way that matches the test you look for. All ways take you up to the fortification, with infrequent bolts painted on rocks to console you of your way. 


Handi Gundi trek

Generally speaking, Handi Gundi is the ideal trip for fledglings. The path is simple yet invigorating; giving the right portion of challenge and experience while doling out shocking perspectives from the top. Assuming you are hoping to acquaint youngsters with journeying, Handi Gunti is an undeniable decision. 

The path moves through the grass and each time the grass changes tone. Here and there it shines brilliant in the setting light, at different times it turns a shade of purple. Dark streaks through the grass in certain spots and when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore an otherworldly brown. 


Skandagiri trek 

In Skandagiri, the trip begins from Papagani Temple that can be handily gotten to from Bangalore, Nandi Hills, or Chikballapur town. One can find two caverns in the whole stretch. This is a genuinely intense journey and generally taken by specialists. Otherwise called Kalavara Durga, this is one of the most delightful traveling places in Bangalore, particularly for late evening journeying around Bangalore. Voyagers arranging travels from Bangalore will adore this little piece of excellence. 

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