Dubai And Its Amazing Desert Safari

Dubai And Its Amazing Desert Safari

Dubai is a perfect spot to spend your vacation and go around places you have never seen before. Whether you are from Asia, Europe, or the US, you will be amazed to see a natural beauty and man-made beauty of Dubai. Have you heard about Burj khalifa? 

Dubai is known for its talented structures in the world and is a world and who can forget Burj Al Arab, which is a beautiful piece of architecture because it resembles a ship. The world’s top-ranking establishment is a five-star hotel. In Dubai, visitors can learn about Dubai’s history at Dubai’s most famous museum, located near the Dubai fountain. 

A huge attraction in Dubai is the neighborhood of Dubai Marina, which is one of the biggest in the city. The area has more than 1600 luxurious apartments. The marina, which is away from traffic, offers residences and cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants as well.

 If you want to see the golden beauty, you can also go for the Dubai desert safari. Dubai mall would be the perfect escape if you are a shopping lover. This mall has more than 1200 stores carrying all major brands, and there are more stores in this mall than anywhere else in the world. 

Today we discuss the most famous place in Dubai that is the desert of Dubai, which is a vast landscape where millions of people come and take great splendid rides and enjoy evening shows. Let’s give this article a quick read to make your mind to go on the colossal dunes.

About Dubai Desert Safari

The primary goal of a desert safari is to visit desert areas in Dubai such as Al Aweer, Lahbab, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, or Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve during your visit to Dubai. Al Aweer has the most Desert Camps, while Lahab is the most popular Desert for Dune bashing. A thrilling Dune Bashing experience is the first activity during the safari. 

The feeling of being on a rollercoaster through the desert dunes in Hummers, Land Cruisers, and Range Rovers is something you will never forget. Sandboarding is also an activity that some people do while dune bashing. There are some Desert Camps that offer sandboarding too. You will be guided to a traditional desert camp in the desert after 20 to 30 minutes of dune bashing in the dunes. You can also do Quad Biking and Camel Rides while at the camp. The ancient tradition of falcon hunting can also be experienced in some desert safaris.

As the sun sets, enjoy a delicious middle-eastern barbecue dinner and an evening of entertainment shows. A desert safari dinner is typically a buffet with foods from all over the world. While enjoying your supper in the open desert air, you will be entertained with Tanoura Dance, Fire Show, and Belly Dance while enjoying your supper in the open desert air. Desert safaris include sleeping under the stars in traditional tents and morning desert safaris include breakfast and refreshments only.

Various Excursions of Desert

The Dubai desert safari lets you see the beauty of the desert barefoot, and you can also enjoy it fully. In addition, there are many excursions available. Dune bashing is the first off-roading style to catch the attention of those who want it. Once the car takes off over the Sand dunes, the fun begins immediately because of the ups and downs of the terrain. 

There is also sandboarding and sand skiing to choose from. Sliding through the dunes feels very relaxing and warm on the board. Desert exploration is one of the reasons why camel riding is so popular. It is possible to ride a camel and take some pictures during the Dubai Desert Safari. Is quad biking your thing? It is possible to drive the bike itself on the 4×4 quads all around the area. Wow! It is also possible to camp under the stars in Bedouin style.

Tradition and urbanity combine to form Dubai’s culture. Tanura shows, as well as fire shows, will be presented. The event will also feature henna painting, traditional costumes, and belly dancing. The event will also include a live dinner buffet, and it will be like heaven to eat it.

Wrap It Up!

Here we have explained everything to the readers about the Dubai desert safari so that you will make up your mind and plan a tour. This tour will change your life as you can collect lifetime memories and enjoy the wonders of Dubai.


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