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How easy is it to use Zonbase?


Zonbase offers Amazon software and done-for-you services to assist Amazon merchants in increasing their profitability. Zonbase, founded in 2019 by Kevin David and Lewis Civin, is now one of the most popular Amazon suite of products. Zonbase offers more than a dozen tools and services to aid Amazon sellers with product research, listing optimization, and sales optimization. You don’t have to install any software on your computer because Zonbase is cloud-based. You can Go Now to the amazon website to learn more. 

Software Suite by Zonbase

The Zonbase software suite is a set of Amazon seller software that each performs a particular activity for your Amazon business. Keyword research, listing optimization, and product research are only a few vital duties. Zonbase offers the following Amazon software tools:

  • Zonresearch

This product research tool allows you to delve deep into Amazon’s database, searching for potentially profitable products. You can use ZonResearch filters to specify particular criteria for the items you want to find, such as price, reviews, revenue, monthly units sold, and more.

  • Chrome Extension by Zonbase

As a browser add-on, the Zonbase Chrome Extension is used. You may use this application to go to Amazon, look at a product, and get critical information like sales history, revenue predictions, future income, etc. This will simplify you to find a product in a category where you may be interested in selling.

  • Products in High Demand

If you’re looking for the top 100 products on Amazon, this tool is a fantastic place to start. The products are chosen using less than 30 reviews, the top 100 most gifted, and increasing sales trends. You can use this information to identify trendy seasonal presents that you can sell and profit from.

  • Estimator of Sales

This tool generates a monthly sales report estimate for your selected product. This is critical to estimate how much money you can make selling a specific product. This application can also be used to track the revenues of your competitors.

  • Researching Keywords

As an Amazon seller, finding the correct keywords for making product listings and running PPC (pay-per-click) ads. This tool displays predicted monthly searches for a given keyword, organized by criteria known as “Smart Score.” The better the keyword, the higher the score.

  • ASIN Reverse Tool

You may use the Reverse ASIN tool to track your competitors’ keyword strategy based on their ASIN. You can find out what keywords they rank for and use them to boost your listing and beat out the competition.

  • Listify

Listify helps you enhance your conversion rates by creating distinctive and well-optimized product listings. Furthermore, it aids in the growth of organic search engine traffic. You can target potential customers who can help you raise your profitability and income by using high-impact phrases.

  • Zontracker

 ZonTracker, a Zonbase rank tracking program, can assist with this. Zontracker lets you watch your product’s current rank for various keywords to see how much work it will take to get your products to the top. With ZonTracker, you can also keep track of your competitors’ rankings.


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