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The best part about trekking in South India is the amazing Western as well as the Eastern Ghats, the southern region of India is a haven for all types of travelers. So many activities to choose from like beach walking, spiritual monuments, for the romantics or trekking and hiking enthusiasts, the region has something for everybody. If you’re reading this blog, then you are a possible trek junkie. Experience some of the finest peaks, thick forests and glittering beaches to be explored. While you try South India Trekking, you are sure to see an amazing variety of flora and fauna that is the highlight of the region. Though it is easier to climb in the northern part of the country, trekking South India can still be a difficult challenge. The hills and plateau are considerably steep, and you will have to do a lot of work to climb them. In several instances, you will wander through thick forests on trails that may not be on your map. Loose soil and sometimes almost-vertical and barren cliffs will make the climbing a bit excruciating. These will require that you are completely fit for the activity. For the trek, remember to pick comfortable sports shoes that would give you the best amount of grip on the slopes. Also, carry enough snacks and drinking water on the explorations so that you can get nourished and refreshed. One of the best things to trek in South India is: Easy access around the country and the closeness to the hills in the region make it an ideal spot to begin such on-foot outings. From Bangalore, your hike operator will pick you up, usually by bus, and transport you to the starting point of the expedition. While on the way to the trekking base, you can talk with the fellow participants. Once at the spot, your group leader or guide will give you a briefing about the following programme that is mandatory.


Let’s go into some of the top treks in South India!



This trek is one of the most beautiful amongst the three mountain peaks of coastal Karnataka, the other being Kudremukh and Kumara Parvatha. Kodachadri showcases lush greenery on its thick tropical jungle trails adjoined with beautiful waterfalls and amazingly glittering landscapes. It is situated in the Mookambika wildlife sanctuary. Forming a picturesque background to the temple of Moola Mookaambika in Kollur. It is considered a biodiversity spot, housing endangered species of flora and fauna. There are three different routes to reach the peak of this Kodachadri Trek, and the difficulty level fluctuates with the path chosen. Monsoon season is particularly hard to climb this trek as it receives heavy rainfall that makes the routes slippery. Nagara Fort is around 25 km from this trek, where trekkers can spot an old fort built during the 18th century. Trekking for Kodachadri peak would begin from Nagodi Village or Nittur in Shivamogga Village located at the foothills. The Karnataka government strictly banned overnight camping and bonfires since January 2015. 



The enormous Green Lake in the Nilgiris is a sight to see and arguably one of the best trekking sites in TamilNadu, surrounded by lush woods varying from hills to grassy meadows. The trek involves walking through thick grasslands made up of pine, bamboo and eucalyptus trees, to reach the lake. Explore the panoramic view of the lake which gives you lovely views of the entire region. If you want to undertake forest trekking in south India, then this hike is the best for you to start with.



It is located at a distance of 11 kilometers from Kodaikanal, the Perumal Peak is the highest in the Perumalmalai hills, a part of the Western Ghats. The trek starts at the Neutral Saddle, a spot near Perumal Malai Village and you will be walking through the clouds by the time you reach the hilltop. Kodaikanal is located at a distance of approximately 525 kilometers from the state capital. If you are looking for the best trekking places near Chennai, you can consider heading over for the Perumal Trek over a long weekend.


Tadiandamol Trek

Regarded as the third highest peak in Karnataka, Tadiandamol is a delight for all trekkers- freshers as well as experts. With a maximum height of 1,748 meters, the hike involves walking through shola forests thus making it a good forest trekking destination in south India. Tadiandamol offers engrossing views from the top and the trek itself is not very challenging and, therefore, is a favorite with everyone visiting Coorg.


That’s all folks! Make sure to check out our suggestions. Until next time.

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