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Summer is the best time to go hiking and trekking because of the warm weather and calm breezes. South India has a diverse range of terrain, making it an excellent destination for your next trip. Every state in South India has interesting places to hike alone or with a group. When planning your next vacation to South India, consider these ten trekking destinations!


  • Nilgiris Green Lake


 is a lake in the Nilgiris range of the

The Nilgiris Green Lake walk is an adventure you won’t want to miss if you’re a fitness enthusiast traveling in Ooty. The Green Lake in the Nilgiris is a visual treat, and the journey there offers an upward trek through lush, intriguing forests as well as a good workout.


Easy Trek is a low-intensity hike. 6–8 hours in length

Season to Visit: September to March Trail Length: 2133 Metres

7,000 feet above sea level

Perumal Peak is number two.

Perumal Peak, Perumal Peak, Perumal Peak, Perumal Peak, Perumal Peak (source)


  • Perumal Peak


One of the tallest peaks in the Perumalmalai Hills, is a trekker’s dream in more ways than one. The climb to Perumal Peak boasts stunning views and is reasonably straightforward to complete

This peak in Kodaikanal is a well-known favourite among first-time trekkers.


Intensity Level: Easy

Trek Duration: 6 – 8 Hours

Best Season: January – May

Trail Distance: 2439 Metres

Altitude: 8,005 Feet


  • Tadiandamol Peak 


Fort Makalidurga is located on the Makalidurga Hill. Trekking in the south of India is not restricted to mountain trails; trekking treks up to Makalidurga Hill Fort, located 59 kilometers from Bangalore City, can easily add some variety. The Shiva Temple within the fort is the main feature of this fort, which is a famous night trek destination.


Easy Trek is a low-intensity hike. 4–6 hours in length

The best time to visit is from October through March.The trail is 1116 metres long and rises to 3664 feet in elevation

Parvata Narasimha 


  • Narasimha Parvata


The hiking destination of Narasimha Parvata in Agumbe, Karnataka, is one that adrenaline seekers should sign up for ahead of time. On the route up to Narasimha Parvata, there are dark jungles and King Cobras, so you’ll need a guide to keep you and your trekking team safe.


Trek Duration: 8–10 Hours Intensity Level: Difficult Intensity Level: Difficult Intensity Level: Difficult Intensity Level: D

Season to Visit: October to March Trail Length: 1152 Metres

3780 feet above sea level


  • Betta, Nishani 


As previously stated, Karnataka has a lot to offer trekkers, and Nishani Betta in Coorg is another great example of what this South Indian state has to offer. Nishani Motte is another name for this summit, which is popular with hikers.


Easy Trek is a low-intensity hike. 3–4 hours in length

Season to Visit: July to March Trail Length: 1270 Metres

4167 feet above sea level


  • Waterfalls of Talakona 


When looking for hiking locations in South India, you’re bound to come across some variety. Popular peaks, a hill fort, and the scenic Talakona Waterfalls hike in Andhra Pradesh is among the highlights. In Sri Venkateshwara National Park, visitors can pick from a variety of approaches to this spectacular waterfall.


Average Trek Duration: 6–8 Hours Intensity Level: 6–8 Hours Intensity Level: 6–8 Hours Intensity Level: 6–The months of September to February are ideal for visiting.

Trail length: 82 metres, elevation: 270 feet


  • Chokramudi district of 


Chokramudi Peak in Kerala’s Idukki District is one of the most popular hiking destinations in South India. The hike to the summit of Chokramudi Peak offers a breathtaking view over Idukki as well as an exciting uphill climb.


Average Trek Duration: 3 – 5 Hours Intensity Level: 3 – 5 Hours Intensity Level: 3 – 5 Hours Intensity Level

August through February is the best time to visit.

Trail Length: 2194 Meters

7200 feet above sea level


Trekking in South India adds a new dimension to an otherwise mundane vacation and allows you to test your limits. South India has a plethora of locations for both experienced and inexperienced trekkers. Each location has its own distinct features that will blow your mind and entice you to try your luck.


Despite the fact that most trekking destinations are now mapped and provide you with minute details of the route to your destination with the click of a mouse,The spirit of walking in a new area is the best remedy for restless feet and a nomadic soul.

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