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What Makes Oakland “San Francisco’s Brooklyn”?

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Oakland is in the midst of a new beginning thanks to the world finally getting out about what is beyond San Francisco. Thanks to its massive tech boom, the need for tech savvy workers isn’t the only thing that has gone through the roof in San Francisco. As many know, the housing prices seem to now be higher than most, if not all, other places throughout the entire United States. 

While that’s a disappointing fact for many of the locals who no longer feel like they can afford the city they’ve always loved, the prices in San Francisco aren’t the only reason the city of Oakland is getting more and more attention. The comparison to Brooklyn isn’t hurting either but what does it mean and where did it come from? 

Manhattan to San Francisco

To understand the comparison, let’s first look at what the different boroughs in New York City mean to one another. For the west coast natives who haven’t been to the Big Apple themselves, some are going to think of Manhattan as the big brother to Brooklyn. Whether that’s fair or not is up to you, but the same can be said of the relationship between San Francisco and Oakland. 

The comparison stands for both for plenty of reasons, a major one being the cost of living. It’s easy for your mortgage or rent to be thousands more for a comparable place in Manhattan opposed to what you’d find in Brooklyn. The same case, or maybe even more drastic, would be the cost a home in San Francisco next to similar Oakland Houses for Sale .

Priced Out Of Option A

This line of thinking is what might have someone checking out Brooklyn or Oakland in the first place but it is not going to be the only reason they end up staying. With both Manhattan and San Francisco being major hubs for high paying jobs, the cost of living skyrocketed. 

With that happening, there will still be plenty of high earners who can’t afford to live in the direct area they are working in. Having that little extra commute is what makes their lives possible but that’s also done its part in changing the lives of long-time residents of both Oakland and Brooklyn.

Those who have called those areas home for decades are now struggling with the unexpected high costs of everything around them.

A Slower Pace

The idea of “slower” here is extremely relative. If Oakland is the first urban area you are moving to, it’s going to feel plenty busy next to the cozy small town you might be coming from. On the other hand, if you are someone from the big brothers of either place, so to speak, things are going to feel peaceful by comparison. 

Both Brooklyn and Oakland are both going to feel more residential and each come with a slower pace. There’s going to be less congestion, more housing and fewer businesses. With that in mind, don’t feel like there’s nothing to do in either place. Just because it is relatively quiet doesn’t mean it’s a bore.


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