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What Tips Can Help You In Getting Rid Of Oily Scalp Along With Dandruff?


With the air getting more polluted day by day, it has become difficult for us to breathe, but not only are we suffering, but our hair are too! When your hair is exposed to external stimulus, it is bound to attract the unwanted particles present in the air, and these particles can make your scalp even more dirty, especially if your scalp is already loaded with excess natural oil called sebum. And when these particles and sebum get mixed, it leads to the famous hair problem called dandruff. No matter how much you try to avoid it, but if you don’t keep your hair clean and tidy, you will definitely experience an oily and dandruff laden scalp on a regular basis. There are various remedies and oily scalp and dandruff shampoo that can help you in getting rid of both these problems, and you should definitely try them once, some of them are mentioned below:

Benefit from the goodness of aloevera: 

Aloe Vera is a miraculous ingredient in itself, because it has multiple benefits, as not only does it help in moisturizing your scalp, but also keeping it more fresh and nourished than before. All thanks to its naturally hydrating properties and nutrition rich compounds, that make it more appropriate for treatment of skin issues. It makes your scalp clean and helps in detoxifying it, along with this it also promotes your hair growth, so that you get to experience volume and strength in your hair. Just apply some fresh aloe Vera gel on your scalp and massage it well, the cooling properties of the gel will help in reducing your redness and inflammation too.

Use the citrus essence of lemons: 

Citrus fruits like lemon are famous for benefiting your health in more ways than one, because Lemons have the property of killing dandruff causing bacteria and keeping them at bay. They help with clearing your scalp off the excess oil accumulation and make it more fresh and lively than before. Though you can use the lemon juice directly on your scalp, but you will experience better results if you combine the lemon juice along with some yogurt and medicinal herbs like neem or mint, because it will balance the acidic nature of the lemon juice and neutralize the overall effect, leaving your scalp more clean than ever.

Use that egg: 

Each of one is well versed with how wonderful eggs are for our hair, because not only do they provide nourishment to our scalp, but at the same time, make our hair more soft and strong due to the presence of protein in it. They are rich in sulphur too, which is the major element that helps in eradicating oily and dandruff laden scalp. That is why you should make a mixture of eggs and honey, and massage it into your scalp for some time before resting and rinsing it off. It will leave you hair silky smooth and moisturized completely.

If you want quick results, then go for a shampoo for oily dandruff scalp and get an effective solution for your problem. 

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