Why is Kedarkantha India’s Favorite Trek?



Life in the mountains is uncomplicated. It’s an old academy. It takes us back to the basics where food, sanctum and survival are the most important effects in life. For me, it’s also a memorial of what an honor it’s to be alive and how insanely beautiful this whole world is.

All the journeys in the Himalayas have a soul and I love it when you get to see it in person. The further up you go, the closer you’re to the twinkle of the mountains. Although all journeys are beautiful in their own special way, you’re bound to have pets and Kedarkantha is one of mine.

Winter’s journeys have a magical sense to them. I guess it’s the snow; it calms the abysses within and around you. However, do it, If you haven’t been to the mountains in the layoffs. 

The passage like sense

Kedarkantha is a trekkable peak and the same discipline of peregrinations apply then in order to peak it. You rest at the base camp the night before the peak, wake up early in the morning (2-3 AM) and start your peak attempt. The whole experience of walking in the middle of the night in the cold rain, the head firebugs lighting the way and watching the daylight from the top of a mountain seems like a rally of peak attempts of advanced peaks. Just on a much lower scale.. But the limelight is on you, you’re the star of this grand bid and you learn to see all the beauty the mountains reveal to you.

The views are reserved for those who make trouble. And it’s a sight you won’t forget for the time to come.

360- degree views of the Himalayas

You do not just get to see notorious peaks like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kalanag, Gangotri and Yamunotri range but you also get to see hundreds of unnamed virgin peaks each around you. Mountains, like dateless art, stand in the background everyplace you look and if they had eyes, they ’d see many nonnatives peering at them in admiration.

This is a different world altogether.

Untouched. Untainted. And absolutely still.

The most beautiful campgrounds

When you’re touring, the campgrounds are your home, which makes them extremely important. And Kedarkantha has some of the most beautiful campgrounds I’ve ever seen. However, come taste the views from your canopies on Kedarkantha. If you aren’t happy with the views outside your window back home.

Your first campground would be close to Juda Ka Tal and it makes you realize what a slight change in altitude can do for you. At this point we had no idea about what lies ahead of us at the coming campground.

The perfect trail for photography

There’s magic in this world, you just need to be in the right place to see it. Kedarkantha is a journey flushing with beauty, paying shutterbugs a perfect occasion to capture filmland of a continuance. Every frame looks like a card image, the snow falling from the pine trees looks like magic dust and the grand Himalayas are absolutely noble. The entire journey is a shooter’s paradise.

A chance to witness the original culture and hospitality at Sankri

I would not give up the opportunity to find out about the original traditions and myth in the townlets in India. The various traditions, rituals, carnivals and the food – they’re each so fascinating.

Important as the journey, Sankri is unthinkable, rich and unspoilt. Rich in traditions and unspoilt by the progressive metropolitan metropolises. We stayed in a sleepover ahead and after the journey, and the family hosting us was extremely kind and welcoming. They showed us the traditional clothes and jewelry worn during marriages and carnivals at Sankri, told us about how everything they cook is home grown in the granges and the majesty with which they celebrate public and original carnivals in the vill.

One of the Stylish Trek for Newcomers

The journey route is easy for any physically fit person. In addition to that, Kedarkantha Trek gives you an awful occasion to have a peak rise. Is n’t that as fascinating as your first journey experience? The ascent isn’t simple and gets more delicate as you approach the peak. Either, you’ll always be accompanied by enormous mountains.

Touring on Kedarkantha is vastly further than it seems in the images on your computer screen. So what are you staying for? Bespeak your Kedarkantha Trek Now.

Witness fascinating daylight at Garhwal Region

Still, it’ll go like this- goggled in astonishment at the spectacular, unchecked breadth of the sky filled with a rainbow of dawn tinges and tinctures, If we’ve to define daylight from Kedarkantha Peak. Watching the first regard of the Sun in the Garhwal region is truly a sight to behold.

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